Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Eglinton St. George's United Church

35 Lytton Blvd. Toronto

Doors Open: 6:00 - 10:00 pm

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Daily Bread Food Bank.

Please join us for an uplifting evening of inspirational speakers,

connection, laughter, fundraising and supporting local with the TWN Vendor Marketplace!

Women supporting women in all aspects of life, sharing their stories and inspiring others.

Wine Bar/Refreshments and Appetizers will be served.

Health & Wellness - A Woman‘s Evolution

Navigating our Female Experience

From the moment we are born, we begin to evolve;

Learning to trust and love ourselves and others, educating ourselves towards independence,

exploring the responsibilities of choosing a life partner and having a family,

chasing our dreams of a future career and the impact that may have while raising kids,

juggling the ideal of a work-life balance,

dealing with the possibility of divorce and/or family trauma,

enjoying the fruits of our labour…the list is long.

As we evolve through the decades, our norms change to reflect our evolution.

Many of us find ourselves wondering - ‘Is this it?’

‘Who am I really and what is my purpose?’ ‘Where do I go from here?’

5 inspirational speakers will share their stories, insights and tools

on how they identified, managed and accepted the evolution

of their changing bodies, perceptions and mindsets.

They will explore the complex and difficult emotions that can surface as we age (evolve)

and how to embrace and celebrate the inevitable evolution of a woman.

*Learning to Love Our Survivor Selves - A Journey of Self-Love and Forgiveness*

*Creating a Life You Love! Finding Your Purpose in Midlife*

*Let’s Talk Money - The Importance of Understanding Your Financial Health*

*Going from MEH to Marvelous! in Midlife and Menopause*

  • The Intersection of Puberty and Menopause - A Mother/Daughter Relationship Gone Rogue!

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Food insecurity in Toronto is at an all time high,

1 in 10 people in Toronto now rely on food banks.

This is up from 1 in 20 last year.

Please consider donating to Daily Bread Food Bank


A portion of the proceeds from this event will be donated to the Daily Bread Food Bank


Event Organizer

Community Connector

Mental/Emotional Health Advocate

Proud mom of 2 incredible young men

I pride myself on being a strong community connector and

mental/emotional health advocate.

This led me to create and develop

this successful Toronto Women's Network event. 

These events provide an important and valued forum

where women connect to share their stories and

inspire others with their courage and knowledge.

The sharing of ideas that worked for others

can help you gain a different perspective,

Knowledge and Support is Powerful!

TWN Event Committee

I am so grateful for the friendship, support and creativity of my event committee!


Catherine Brennan, Lori Burt, Karin Hwang, Kimberly Irwin,

Sherille Layton, Mary Muir, Caren Thomas, Anne Welland & Tara Williston




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6:00 pm - Doors Open

Grab a refreshment and some yummy appetizers

Social Mingling and Shopping in the Marketplace


7:45 pm - Opening Remarks & Speakers


8:45 - 9 pm - Closing Remarks / Q & A with Speakers


Continue to Mingle & Shop!


Learning to Love Our Survivor Selves - A Journey of Self-Love and Forgiveness

Jenn Forgie is a professional Actor, Writer, Creative Living Journal Guide and Self-Image Mentor for women in the midlife of their journey. She is also a certified Death Doula/ End of Life Caregiver trained by The Institute of Traditional Medicine. Jenn has been on a personal and professional journey of healing, growth and returning 'home' to her truest Self - a pathway of transformation she guides others along through group or private coaching.

Jenn will share how to love the parts of ourselves we created to survive, so that we can thrive in our lives. It is her belief, through her own lived experience of childhood trauma and her work helping others, that we can change the narratives we carry about our Survivor selves from dislike and rejection to compassion and deep appreciation. She’s learned through the practice of self-love and forgiveness that when we stop ignoring, resisting, rejecting parts of ourselves and instead turn to love, we meet our potential, our truth …and anything becomes possible again.

Creating a Life You Love! Finding Your Purpose in Midlife

Rosa Spizzirri is the founder of Mind Management, dedicated to merging mindfulness and meditation with personal growth and transformation. With 28 years of experience as an educator, Rosa’s path took a transformative turn after a life-altering head injury in 2015. This traumatic event inspired her to become an Elite Mentorship Trainer, guiding individuals through their own transformative journeys.

Rosa will delve into our shared journey as women. unveiling the evolution of our collective milestones. Through an exploration of health and relationship challenges at each stage of our lives, Rosa will pose thought-provoking questions about societal norms and encourage personal exploration. With a guiding hand, she will share the importance of embracing mindfulness and experiencing freedom from the ‘good opinion of others’ (Goop). This pivotal exploration at the onset of midlife marks a profound opportunity to unlock the potential for a life lived authentically, consciously, and with deep fulfillment.

Let’s Talk Money - The Importance of Understanding Your Financial Health

Kimberley Garston is well-equipped to help women grow their financial assets. She has a wealth of experience in portfolio management. As a Portfolio Manager with Morgan Meighen & Associates Limited, Kimberley brings to this role over 20 years’ experience managing private client portfolios. Her career spans experience managing portfolios at an independent investment boutique, at two Canadian chartered banks, and in her present role at a well-established money management firm.

Kimberley Garston has a passion for working with women to help them build their financial future. She knows that fundamental to their success in life is being able to feel confident about making informed decisions regarding their finances. Kimberley has witnessed first hand, when women are armed with sound financial knowledge, it positively impacts how they feel about themselves, their relationships and their overall well-being.

Going from MEH to Marvelous! in Midlife and Menopause

Catherine Brennan writes and talks about menopause a lot…and she won’t stop until women get the care they need in midlife and beyond! Advocacy and education are key to her mission to put information into the hands of women who need it most. That could be YOU. With a Masters in Philosophy & a Certificate in coaching, she brilliantly combines her own personal health journey with common sense and science. She hosts The Pause podcast and delivers Lattes & Learns to groups who wish to support women’s midlife journeys. This podcast can be found on Spotify. In addition, she has recently become a member of the Advisory Board for The National Menopause Show, October 26, 2024.

When Catherine turned 45, she didn’t recognize herself anymore. She was forgetting words, her keys and her mojo. She thought she was losing her mind... it turns out, she was losing her estrogen. Instead of ignoring or fighting against this natural stage in a woman’s life, she chose to embark on an in depth journey to learn how menopause impacts our bodies and self worth. She will share her transformational discoveries about Hormone Replacement Therapy and how it helps combat diminished self image, weight gain and low libido to name a few symptoms. She will also touch upon how to feel desire and desirable again as your body changes. If you don’t trust or love your body, what would motivate you to share it with anyone else?

At the Intersection of Puberty and Menopause - A Mother/Daughter Relationship Gone Rogue!

Joanne O'Sullivan is a multifaceted screenwriter, comic, podcaster and executive coach with extensive experience across various genres of Canadian entertainment. Her television writing credits include popular shows such as This Hour Has 22 Minutes and The Baroness von Sketch Show. Joanne has also performed stand-up comedy across Canada and has written and performed in three solo shows. With over 18 years of experience as an executive coach and facilitator, Joanne has created over 20 training programs for clients, and has personally coached over 800 clients. Joanne is presently busy conducting Storytelling workshops aimed at fostering healing within the Canadian Military, and has also partnered with Mirvish Productions, providing educational enrichment for student groups attending the theatre.

In her trademark accessible and humorous style, Joanne invites audiences on a journey into the intersection of puberty and menopause – a collision of hormones, acne, hot flashes, unwelcome hair (for both of them), rage, love and empathy – as Joanne and her daughter navigate this next stage of their lives and relationship in this poignant and funny continuation of her successful solo show – She Grew Funny.

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