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Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Eglinton St. George's United Church

35 Lytton Blvd. Toronto

Doors Open: 6:00 - 10:30 pm

Please join us for an uplifting evening of inspirational speakers,

connection, laughter and supporting local with the WCN Marketplace!

Women supporting women, sharing their stories and inspiring others.

Wine Bar/Refreshments and Appetizers will be served.

At the Core of Every Woman

Finding Clarity and Calm

with your Emotional, Mental, Physical & Financial Health


We are natural caregivers, have incredible empathy for others,

laser sharp intuition (when we listen to it),

super human multi-tasking capabilities, and

thrive when emotionally connecting with others.

So why is it, that so many of us frequently find ourselves

feeling drained, resentful and questioning our value and purpose?

6 inspirational speakers will share their stories, insights and tools

Topics include:

*Recognizing and establishing healthy boundaries*

*Ways to help calm your energy when overwhelmed*

*Navigating midlife, menopause and beyond*

*Taking back control of your health with cancer management*

*Building knowledge and confidence with your financial health*

*How to prepare and manage caring for your aging parents*

Scroll down for the evening schedule, speaker line up details and vendors at the WCN Marketplace


Since joining Daily Bread last fall, I have seen first hand the intense food insecurity struggles

that so many Torontonians are experiencing right now. Monthly visits are at an all time high. Individually and as a group, WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

$1 or 1 lb. of food = 1 meal

A portion of the proceeds from this event will be donated to the Daily Bread Food Bank

I couldn't organize such an incredible event

without the help and creativity

of this amazing group of women!


Top L to R: Catherine Brennan, Caren Thomas, Michelle Cooke Little, Lori Burt, Carol Eby, Sherille Layton, Karin Hwang & Anne Welland

Front L to R: Jen Maier & Tara Williston

WCN Event Committee


Event Organizer

Community Connector

Mental Health Advocate &

Proud Mom of 2 incredible young men

I pride myself on being a strong community connector and

mental health advocate which led me to create and develop

this successful Women's Community Network Event. 

These events provide an important and valued forum

where women connect to share their stories and

inspire others with their courage and knowledge.

The sharing of ideas that worked for others

can help you 'Get Unstuck'.

Hearing a different perspective is sometimes what's needed

to help you acknowledge and embrace your authentic self!




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To learn more about becoming a sponsor or have a vendor table at this event, please email Carol Eby at

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6:00 pm - Doors Open

Grab a refreshment and some yummy appetizers

Social Mingling and Shopping in the Marketplace


7:45 pm - Opening Remarks & Speakers


8:45 - 9 pm - Closing Remarks / Q & A with Speakers


Continue to Mingle & Shop!


Opening Remarks - Empowering Yourself to Recognize and Set Healthy Boundaries

Carol Eby, Founder of The Women's Community Network, is a passionate community connector

and mental health advocate. As women, we are naturally empathic; tending to the many needs of

our family, friends, careers and community. We have huge hearts, instinctively help others, are

compassionate, in touch with our emotions and nurture life long connections with friends and

mates. For many, this gives them a great sense of purpose and belonging. However, we are also very

tough on ourselves and can easily be affected by and absorb the negative energy and criticism of

others. This can lead to feeling like a failure, worthless and simply not good enough. The end result is

depleted energy, resentment and isolation. Sound familiar?

Carol will discuss what healthy boundaries are and why they are so important to establish and maintain ensuring optimal emotional, mental and physical health.

Using the Language of Energy to Manage Stress and Overwhelm

Anne Keddie is an Intuitive Energy Practitioner with over 10 years experience and a successful private practice. She believes that we all have the ability to communicate balance and wellbeing with our physical and mental health using the Language of Energy. However, for most of us, it is a forgotten art.

Join Anne as she demonstrates some quick and easy ways to restore balance, reduce stress and feel grounded in your body, by utilizing your own energy.

Living your Most Radiant Life as you Navigate Mid-life, Menopause and Beyond

Angela Warburton is a Holistic Wellness Expert. She is passionate about helping modern women

transform their experience of mid-life and menopause while supporting them in living their

most healthy, vibrant and authentic lives.

As a woman who has 3 decades of training in Eastern Medicine, nutrition + dietary therapy,

applied mindfulness, sacred womb work and transformational coaching — she supports an

entirely holistic approach to transformation within her work. Angela helps women cultivate a

deeper understanding and relationship with themselves and the world around them.

Angela will focus on how you can better understand the messages your body is sending out

when it speaks, what mid-life and menopause actually mean and the keys to radiant health

and vitality along with disease prevention.

From a Family Trauma and Cancer Diagnosis to Taking Back Control of her Health and Life

Melissa Merchant is a Certified Holistic Cancer Coach with a personal experience of cancer. She is living with neuroendocrine cancer. Melissa was a former litigation lawyer living in London, England when a family trauma meant moving back to Canada with two distressed children in tow after 25 years in the UK. The trauma didn't end there as, shortly after arriving here, she was diagnosed with cancer.

She gave up her career to dedicate herself to learning all she could about how to take back control of her health. Melissa realized that she had a choice - succumb to being a victim or write her own story. This meant re-evaluating and adjusting everything she thought she knew in order to adapt.

After obtaining nutrition qualifications and successfully implementing anti-cancer protocols for herself, Melissa will share how she redesigned her life, found her passion and now works as a cancer coach. She helps women navigate treatment, recover and rebuild, so they too can live their best lives after cancer.

How to Become More Knowledgeable and Confident with your Financial Health

Kimberley Garston is a Portfolio Manager with Morgan Meighen & Associates Limited who has

over 20 years experience managing private client portfolios. Her background is in health sciences and

economics. This formed the foundation of her wealth management practice that focusses on the whole

client. This means health, wealth, net worth and self-worth. She has a passion for working with smart, savvy

women who wish to build their financial assets and is well equipped to help them build their financial future.

She knows that fundamental to their success in life is being able to feel confident about making informed

decisions regarding their finances. Only 42% feel confident in their ability to save for their future goals like

retirement and their children's education. A staggering 90% of women in fact will end up managing their own finances and often at the most challenging times like the death of a partner or divorce.

Kimberley will share her findings around how and why women often shy away from managing

their money. She will provide guidance and tips on key areas to focus on, so you can gain a better

understanding and build confidence around your own financial health and future.

The Value of Care - Navigating the Emotional and Structural Hurdles of Caring for Elderly Parents

Lori Germain is a Senior Lifestyle Advisor with Discerning Seniors. After retiring from a successful career in marketing, Lori dove into her second career in the worlds of aging and care. After experiencing the challenges

and lack of resources when becoming the main caregiver to her aging parents, she became passionate about changing the conversation around aging and advocating for people to plan for the years when they need help

with day to day living. She has also developed the skill to help adult children navigate the structural and emotional hurdles that come with transitioning parents to a more supportive living experience. Beyond assisting in the navigation of a broken and complicated health care system…there is an element of emotional support that is absolutely essential.

In this chat, Lori will discuss the undervaluation of care and caring as core requirements for life, and something that has been taken for granted in a patriarchal world. She will also speak about how we, as women, have to eliminate the shame we feel when we are incapable of providing care selflessly, or are not sure what to do and where to start. Her helpful insights and tips will provide guidance when navigating the world of elderly care options and services.


The Women's Community Network is a Central Toronto based community group

whose mission is to connect and inspire each other

through live events, shared experiences and common ground

while supporting our community.

Carol Eby, Founder


ESG United Church is a progressive, welcoming church located in North Toronto

offering bright, accessible, renovated spaces for rent to community groups and organizations

on a one-time, weekly or longer-term basis.

Our beautiful facility is an ideal setting for music performances or rehearsals, public meetings

or workshops, catered receptions, dance, yoga, and fitness classes.

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