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The Nov. 2 event was SOLD OUT!

165 women enjoyed

an uplifting and inspiring evening of

courageous and heartfelt speakers

sharing their stories of facing adversity,

being vulnerable and reinventing themselves.

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Wednesday, May 3rd, 2023

Eglinton St. George's United Church

35 Lytton Blvd., Toronto

Doors Open: 6:00 pm - 10:30 pm


Tickets will be available to purchase on

February 1st, 2023


Event Organizer

Community Connector

Mental Health Advocate

Proud Mom of 2 adopted sons

Founder of The 'Don't Just Survive, THRIVE'

Post Adoption Program.

I pride myself on being a strong community connector and mental health advocate which led me to develop this successful

Women's Community Network Event,

now occurring twice a year - May & November. 

I enjoy bringing people together to help support and encourage them to conquer any challenges they may be facing.

I believe in the power of encouragement, connection and knowledge. Combine all three and you will feel empowered to move forward in life

with the mindset needed to succeed!


WCN Event Committee

I couldn't organize such an incredible event

without the help and creativity

of this amazing group of women!


L to R: Anne Welland, Sherille Layton, Tara Williston,

Caren Thomas, Mary Muir, Jen Maier, Karin Hwang,

Michelle Cooke Little, Lori Burt & Catherine Brennan

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Strong Supporters of Women in our Community

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To learn more about becoming a sponsor or have a vendor table at this event, please email Carol Eby at carol.eby10@gmail.com


for the Nov. 2, 2022 event

6:00 pm - Doors Open

Grab a refreshment and some yummy appetizers

Social Mingling and Vendor Table Shopping


8:15 pm - Opening Remarks & Speakers


9:15 pm - Closing Remarks / Q & A with Speakers

Continue to mingle & shop!


A Journey of Loss, Dashed Dreams and Reinvention

Carol Eby, Founder of The Women's Community Network, is a passionate community connector and

advocate of mental health. What is vulnerability? The willingness to show emotion or to allow one's weaknesses or imperfections to be seen or known; the willingness to risk being emotionally hurt or

judged. In Carol's opening remarks, she will reflect upon the power of being vulnerable in order to

move towards acceptance and healing. This can be one of our greatest challenges, as most of us

refrain from being vulnerable in order to protect ourselves from pain and the judgement of others.

Carol will share her personal journey of loss, dashed dreams and reinvention which led her to a place

of acceptance and healing, once she allowed herself to be vulnerable.

Letting Go and Embracing a Life of Surprises, Pivots and Shifting Expectations

Nancy Macdonald, Founder of Art Studio (not just) for Children, and recently published co-author

of Remarkable, works at embracing a life of surprises, pivots and shifting expectations. Join her as

she discusses new ways of managing change, challenge and life's curve balls both in business and

in life. She will focus on how discomfort brings growth, deep pivots keep us agile, young and in the

front seat of life's roller coaster; and how dropping our defenses allows people in and reinforces our authenticity.

From a Family Trauma and Cancer Diagnosis to Taking Charge of Her life Story and Reinventing Herself

Melissa Merchant is a Certified Holistic Cancer Coach with personal experience of cancer. She is living with neuroendocrine cancer. Melissa is an ex-litigation lawyer who was practicing in London, England when a family trauma meant moving back to Canada with two distressed children in tow after 25 years in the UK. The trauma didn't end there as, shortly after arriving here, Melissa was diagnosed with cancer. She gave up her career to dedicate herself to learning all she could about how to take back control of her health. Melissa realized that she had a choice - succumb to being a victim or write her own story. This meant re-evaluating and adjusting everything she thought she knew in order to adapt. After obtaining nutrition qualifications and successfully implementing anti-cancer protocols for herself, Melissa redesigned her life, found her passion and now works as a cancer coach helping women navigate treatment, recover and rebuild, so they too can live their best lives after cancer. Melissa understands that "It's your reaction to adversity, not the adversity itself that determines how your life story will develop" (Dieter Uschtdorf).

Leaning into the Unknown and Trusting your Intuition as you Face Adversity and Aging

Anne Keddie is an Intuitive Energy Practitioner with over ten years experience and a successful private practice. Anne left the traditional corporate world and took a leap of faith into the exciting world of Energy Medicine. The process taught Anne the value of leaning into the unknown and letting her intuition be her guide. There were many obstacles along the road, but the more Anne tuned into her soul purpose and soul energy, the more she was able to trust her path. She continues to fine tune these skills of higher level perception to navigate all the challenges that life presents which recently includes the changing role of being a mother to adult children, evaluating self-worth as we age, and grieving the loss of her parents. Anne will lead us through a simple energy practice to help you connect with your soul energy which is our trusted compass in daily life.

How Embracing Her Grief Journey and "Being in the Moment" Allowed Her to Forgive and Heal

Jillian Walsh has experienced and survived every parent’s worst nightmare, losing her 7 year old daughter, Georgia Grace Walsh, suddenly in a tragic car accident 8 years ago. She will share her incredibly heartbreaking story, one that exemplifies true resilience and courage, as she moved through the stages of forgiveness, acceptance and healing from an inconceivable loss. As part of Jillian’s journey to process this painful loss and create a lasting legacy in her daughter’s memory, she tirelessly advocated to re-build the Trace Manes Park playground; a special place where Georgia loved to play for hours. She learned some incredible life lessons and coping tools along the way. Jillian will share what these are, in hopes they will provide strength and guidance to others, who may be struggling to find peace and acceptance with their own life challenges.

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The Women's Community Network is a North Toronto based neighbourhood group

whose mission is to connect and inspire each other

through live events, shared experiences and common ground

while supporting our community.

Carol Eby, Founder



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